Billboard and Outdoor Advertising
The quality of your outdoor advertising is

our top priority

When you work with a product forced to withstand the wrath of Mother Nature, you must use the highest quality products available. Our Vinyl and Eco Vinyl are the best in the industry and manufactured right here in the United States!

During the large format printing process, your billboards, banners, or signage will undergo 4 Quality Control Checks to ensure they are being made to your specifications every step of the production process.

You will place your company or client’s advertising in the hands of the experienced team members of Camel City Posters who know the ins and outs of the large format printing industry like no one else!

This is what we commit to you

We only produce the best of the best Billboards and Out of Home Advertising products for our clients.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “Best” as: of the most excellent, effective, or desirable type or quality.

Creating an effective and intriguing billboard design is fundamental

We want to make sure you put out a bold and eye-catching billboard – one that will stand out and increase your revenue. When you win, we win. Our team knows what works and what doesn’t in outdoor advertising. At no extra cost, our graphic designers will use their expertise and design a billboard or outdoor advertisement that will work!

Partner with an experienced and knowledgeable team who has worked with a variety of industries and, therefore, we know what works and what doesn’t for outdoor advertising in every business industry.

Because we use the highest quality products on the market, your outdoor advertisements are guaranteed to last longer than the competition and won’t fade as fast either!

You get the highest quality billboard or outdoor advertising products while working with a team dedicated to the success of your company, offering superior customer service, and an easy-to-use online ordering system.

UV Fade Coating
Temperature Resistance
Estimated Lifespan
LED Lights on Billboards!

We offer a number of add-ons as well to really catch attention

Get a bigger bang for your buck with LED Lighting on your billboards! What if I told you that you can get more money for your inventory? By adding custom LED lighting as part of the creative design, your clients’ ads will be more impactful and add the WOW factor. It is almost like having a Neon sign on your billboard. Your name will be connected to a spectacular and eye-catching ad!

Billboard and Outdoor Advertising LED Lighting
3D Inflatable billboards!

Get more out of your ads with 3D Inflatables on your billboards! By adding a custom 3D Inflatable as part of the creative design, your clients’ ads will be more impactful and effective with a big WOW factor. Your clients brand will STAND OUT with an eye-catching ad!

The choice seems simple – work with Camel City Posters today and get over the hump!

And we don’t stop at Billboards, we also offer these other outdoor advertising products:

Vinyl Billboards

Eco Posters (SSPs)

30-Sheet & 8 Sheet Posters

Trivisions-Rigid and PSV

Backlit Vinyl

Wild Postings

Wallscapes / Building Wraps

Billboard Imprints / Name Plates

Pressure Sensitive Signage

Transit / Bus Side Advertising

Street Furniture

Reflective Vinyl Billboards

Rail / Subway Posters

Bus & Train Car Cards

3D Projects

Call now and let us show you why doing business with us will be a great decision and why our clients stay with us!