How do I get new clients? How do I stand out in a sea of competition?? The answer is simple… OUTDOOR ADVERTISING

It’s the biggest ad you’ll ever have, you get YOUR UNEDITED message out to the masses while being as creative as you want! When you have the RIGHT CREATIVE on your billboards your Ad will stand out above the rest and will help you blow past your competition.

Camel City Posters is your Turn-Key Solution to all of your Out-of-Home needs!

Here’s how it works:


Our Out-of-Home buying team will use their experience and buying power to look at leasing the best locations that fit your target demographic. Then we will negotiate a fair rate for these locations.


Once we have the locations nailed down then we turn to the most experienced Out-of-Home graphic design team in the industry! (Over 110 years combined experience) There they will begin working with you to come up with the perfect design that will get you noticed and bring in the money.


Finally, we take your designs and send them to our state-of-the-art Large format printers to turn your design into a 700 square foot masterpiece. We use only the best materials for your billboards! Our vinyl is manufactured in the USA!

Why Outdoor Advertising?

a. You can’t turn it off!

b. You can’t change the channel or fast forward through billboards.

c. You get YOUR unedited message to the MASSES.

d. It is one of the most cost-effective media formats available.

e. Billboards are second to TV when it comes to the Most Memorable forms of Media.

f. Outdoor is EFFECTIVE!

g. Between good creative and the right location your board becomes a lead machine!

h. You can think Outside of the BOX! Ask about our 3D billboards and our LED Lighting options to make your board even better!

Contact Vinny at Camel City today!