Abigail Kieselbach

Graphic Artist
E-mail: abigail@camelcityposters.com
Brief info

Hello, my name is Abigail Kieselbach. In my short time around the sun, I have accumulated around 7 years' experience in graphic design. My experience ranges from digital graphics, production art, sports marketing, to freelance. I enjoy diving into the adobe creative jungle and coming out surprised that I just discovered some new rare species of "how-to-make-it work!" In the wild I can be found giggling sharing a story with a co-worker or quietly hiding behind my desk nerding-out designing. Most of my life I have lived and worked Southwest Virginia. For the past couple years, I have lived in North Carolina, and I have loved every minute of it! I don't like sweet tea, but I never miss my morning cup Earl Grey! ...annnnd by lunch time I am most likely craving tacos or pizza. I am thrilled to be a part of the Camel City Posters Team!