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Billboard Design

Billboards are a time-tested technique for getting your company’s message out there. We’re sure you can think of brilliant billboard designs that grabbed your attention, made you laugh, and convinced you to take the next exit and grab a bite to eat.


But these engaging billboards don’t just pop up overnight. If you’re investing in outdoor advertising, your billboard needs to be crafted by designers who know what grabs attention.

Camel City Posters does more than just print your billboard, we work full-time to design your billboard to make an impact in just seconds.

Make sure your graphic designer has extensive experience with billboard design.

Camel City Outside Billboard

Even if you have an awesome in-house graphic designer, outdoor advertising is a whole different ball game than logo design or online branding. If you’re investing in large format printing, we can work with your designers to come up with the best billboard using our knowledge built from experience.


Camel City Posters has a team of graphic designers with insider knowledge of what works in billboard marketing. Outdoor advertising standards are entirely different from those for a Facebook banner ad. We can work with you to analyze the current advertising trends in your industry and design the most engaging billboard possible.

Camel City has more options than a traditional freeway billboard.

Camel City highway billboard

Camel City Posters can create flexible and adaptive designs for a variety of mediums to creatively advertise your business. Imagine sharing your company’s message on the go, on the side of a moving vehicle, or your branding fitted to the side of a large building.


There are tons of possibilities out there, including:

  • Bus and train car cards
  • Rail/subway posters
  • Street furniture
  • Transit/bus side advertising
  • Wallscapes/building wraps

No matter what you’re looking for in billboard design, we think outside the box and work together with you to come up with the most effective format for your billboard.

Camel City Posters has a team of graphic designers working full-time on your billboard design to bring you a unique, out of the box design to really impress everyone who sees it. Don’t invest in a dull and forgettable design. Instead, get real results with our professional graphic design and large format printing services!


Request a quote on your billboard today and see the difference Camel City’s team of dedicated design experts can make.

Go beyond vinyl with Camel City Posters. Upgrade to innovative new technologies in billboard design.

Vinyl billboards are still a great way to make your brand recognizable to a wide audience. But did you know new techniques in billboard design allow for more interesting and eye-catching features?

Camel City’s out of the box billboard design includes awesome features like:

  • Backlit/reflective vinyl billboards
  • Billboard extensions
  • Channel letter signage
  • Custom 3-dimensional projects
  • Internally lit light boxes
  • LED lighting integration
  • Pressure sensitive signage

Expand your expectations and let Camel City design something unlike anything that comes to mind when you think “billboard.” Let’s design something unique and creative together.

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Billboard Design

Keep up with the evolving trends in digital billboard design with Camel City Posters.

We’re not limited to printed vinyl billboards, we’re experts in digital billboard design too! If you already have a digital billboard and need help keeping up with the design work, our graphic designers can handle it. Graphic design for digital billboards takes a skillset learned from experience. Trust our designers to pick out the colors, fonts, and images to make your digital billboard stand out.

Camel City Posters billboard design combines style with practical durability.

Our designs are more than just pretty. Camel City Posters takes every effort to ensure your billboard is made from the best materials so it lasts as long as possible.


We use American-made Vinyl and Eco Vinyl for added resistance to even the most extreme weather conditions. In rain, sleet, or snow, your billboard will stay intact. Your billboard is temperature resistant to stay strong year round. We also use a UV fade coating to keep your design brilliantly bright through the sunniest summer days.